Monday, February 04, 2013

Weigh-in February 4: As expected

As expected, a one-pound uptick today. According to Lose It, I should have maintained, not gained, but I'm still coughing and I am not going to take anything the scale says too seriously until I'm well again.

I do, however, plan to get back to more orderly eating and at least some gentle exercise.  I will probably walk this afternoon, since the cold air actually feels good and clears my head. It looks like we are getting more snow, too, so I may have to shovel again.

I didn't pay any attention to last night's Superbowl until just after halftime -- I got to see the lights go out. Then we flipped over to Downton, which was great as always, and then we were stunned to see the score when we flipped back to the game. I have always said the Super Bowl is usually a pretty boring football game, but the last quarter was exciting. Today, though, I'm feeling very rough around the edges.

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