Sunday, February 10, 2013

Strength training routine ideas

As I said, I was super-curious about Gretchen Rubin's strength training routine. I asked Vickie if she knew the details, since she follows the blog and posts a lot of ideas from Gretchen's site. I sent an email to Gretchen, but she probably gets so many that I didn't expect an answer.

When the going gets tough, the tough get googling. I found this article, which led me to Concept 10 10. I found a similar franchise to Concept 10 10 called the SuperSlow Zone. I found information about a research study on super slow resistance training. I found this Wikipedia article

I already take one very effective strength training class per week, an interval class with a very tough instructor. I have been seeing gains in my strength and muscle firmness just from that one workout each week. I'd like to add a second strength workout, which is the cause for all this mad Googling.  

I'm not likely to find a superslow gym near here, though if I had the cash, I would start a franchise in an upscale area, because it sounds like a gold mine.  Given my budget and my location, those kinds of things are not headed my way anytime soon, and even if they were, I couldn't afford it. Instead, I ordered , which the Wikipedia article referenced above suggested as further reading. I got a used copy for 65 cents, plus $3.99 shipping.   I'm going to try adding a superslow strength workout midweek, along with my other training. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. 10:52 AM

    So, it is heavier weights moved very, very slowly? Sabrina used to do that with us regularly. She alternated between various routines regularly. My current instructors alternate hugely too. So, if this is very different than what your current instructor does, I agree, it will probably be very effective for you. Please write in detail as soon as you get going.


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