Monday, December 26, 2016

Rodan + Fields Preferred Customer Perks

Note: I recently became a Rodan + Fields consultant. All opinions expressed are my own. All links will take you to my consultant websites.

If you are interested in Rodan + Fields products, the best way to purchase is through the Preferred Customer program called "PC Perks." 

I was hesitant when I first ordered because of the auto-shipments. The default is for the next shipment to be the same products purchased on the last order. But once I created my account, it was easy to edit  my replenishment orders. 

As an example, my first order was the Reverse regimen. On the second month, though, I was either planning to order the Redefine regimen or go to a "mini-regimen" of the Microdermabrasion Paste and the Night Renewing Serum

Auto-ship orders have to be at least $80 to qualify for free shipping. All of the regimens easily hit this minimum, but if I had wanted a less-expensive product like the Mineral Peptides, I would have had to add something else, like they Eye Cloths, to meet that minimum.

As long as you continue to order $80 every 60 days ($40 per month) you retain the PC benefits. If you fall in love with the products, that's easy to do. But if it turns out that you don't, the products have a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee (even if you have used all of the product), and the PC Perks account can be cancelled at any time. 

Please let me know if you are interested in becoming a Preferred Customer or a Consultant. I'd love to help you with any questions you have.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Christmas gift to myself

I haven't posted anything about my weight in a long time, and we know in fitness-blogger-land that this is because everything is great and I'm one pound away from my goal weight, right?

(pause for sad, knowing laughter)

Yeah. My weight is up since taking that not-too-exciting-but-pays-the-bills corporate job, and I was overweight before.  It's distressing. I'm not sure how long it will take to lose this weight but I won't give up until I've done it.

Something I did give up on is Weight Watchers. It worked well for me in 2002, but each new iteration of the plan got harder for me to follow. This last one was almost impossible. I know they are trying to compete with dramatic weight-loss programs, but it's a shame that such a sensible, supportive program got lost in the attempt to promise quick results.

For now I'm going to start with logging food on Lose It! and making small changes. Even today, on Christmas, because all I want this year is to feel more comfortable in my skin (and clothes).

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My first month on the Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen

Spoiler alert: I had a good experience with the products so I decided to become a Rodan + Fields consultant. All links are to my consultant page,, so if you purchase from that page I will earn a commission (U.S. and Canada only, though Australia is coming soon). The opinions described here are my honest opinions. 

My hair stylist does magic with my hair, so when she got interested in Rodan + Fields and became a consultant, I got interested. The first time we talked, I said no, it's too expensive. She didn't push. It planted a seed, though, and when I started seeing her Facebook posts with the before and after pictures, I thought about it some more. I see her every five weeks for color touchups, so the next time, I asked some questions. She recommended the Reverse regimen, since with all of my triathlon workouts outdoors, I had some brown spots from the sun. I had wanted to try Redefine, the anti-aging regimen, but she explained they were all anti-aging, and that Reverse would give me a nice fresh start. When she told me about the 60-day empty-bottle guarantee, I decided to try it as a birthday present to myself.

Once I placed the order, I couldn't wait to get my regimen. Following the directions on the box, I took a "before" photo.

I followed the instructions, which said to start with Reverse once a day every other day, alternating with gentle products (anything designed for sensitive skin would be great). I am a nerd, so I kept a little pencil in my regimen kit and checked off the days.

I didn't want to waste product, so when I was doing my facial regimen, I'd rub any remaining product on the backs of my hands. After a few weeks, I noticed that the skin there was brighter and clearer. I took a photo and posted on my Facebook page.

Around this time, I started thinking about becoming a consultant. And then, I did it. There are a couple of different kit options, and I chose the Big Business Launch Kit, because it had a lot of products in it I wanted to try, including the AMP MD System and Lash Boost.

I'm still learning the business. I'm excited and nervous. I've never really been successful at selling anything before, but I genuinely like these products and if nothing else, I have a lot of them now.  I have a couple of friends who are interested, but like me, the price is the big obstacle for them. 

The prices are comparable to the premium products I would purchase at Sephora, hoping for a miracle, but I never bought a four-step regimen at once. You don't have to buy a whole regimen either, but as a  Preferred Customer, you get free shipping on products if you purchase $80 or more, so the regimen starts to make more sense.

My first month's results have me a believer. Some of the things you can't see from the photo are how much softer and smoother my skin feels. These results are from one month of the Reverse regimen, plus a few days of the Multi-Function Eye Cream and Lash Boost.

Now, on my consultant's advice, I'm adding in the AMP MD Roller (just the roller for now, not the Night Renewing Serum, because both the serum and the Reverse regimen's step 3 contain Retinol and I don't want to double-up) for my second month. I'm hoping to erase the line in my forehead and deal with sagging skin on my neck. The dreaded turkey neck runs in my family and I am starting to see the first signs. If I can make that go away, this is was all worth it, even if I never sell anything.

I promise not to make my blog one big Rodan + Fields ad, but I will keep you posted on my progress here and there. I'm hoping to blog more regularly about other topics too. 

Have a happy holiday and a happy new year!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Coming out of the dark

If you didn't guess from my long silence, I was going through a tough time for a while there. It started a little before the election, and then the unexpected and (to me) horrible outcome really threw me for a loop.

Being a contingent worker for more than a year was really getting to me. I had a couple of glimmers of hope, and then big disappointments, and that didn't help much. I got a bit of tunnel vision and felt like if this part of my life wasn't right, everything was wrong.

Besides, everyone else seemed to be having a rough year too.

What has changed? I'm not really sure, to be honest. I did a lot of little things. I started working more on self-care. I feel more hopeful. I found my Happy Light, which had been packed with the Christmas things. I worked on giving myself a break.

I'm still searching for a full-time job, but I decided to start a couple of businesses. My business is still getting off the ground -- I am doing some social media marketing and some workshops.

I also started a new skincare regimen, and have had good results with the Rodan + Fields Reverse line. I'll be posting my before and after pics once I have a full month in. My skin feels softer and looks brighter. It's still not perfect, but I can see big improvements in the sun damage I get from spending so much time outdoors. I want to try the Redefine regimen next, which is the anti-aging line. I like the brand so much, I decided to try being a consultant.

Not having all my eggs in the job search basket has improved my outlook a lot. Something is going to work out, I just know it.

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