Friday, April 10, 2009

Geared up for success

Yesterday I felt all geared up for success on my run. I had my new jacket and my new shoes. I had a new set of headphones for my iPod because the earbuds that came with it only stay in if I wear a hat. I went to my favorite place to run.

It was a beautiful day so I wasn't wearing the jacket for long. The headphones, even though they seem to have gotten crummy reviews, were just what I wanted -- they stay in my ears, they don't block ambient noise, and they were comfortable for a whole 50-minute run.

I got a little carried away and probably ran too fast. I made it through the workout just fine, but for the rest of the day I was tired and a little headachy. Still, getting through this run made me feel more confident about my race in June. I expect the triathlon to take me about 1 1/2 hours, more or less. Though it seems counterintuitive, a triathlon feels easier than a road race of the same length, because you're switching activities and using different muscles for each of the events. So I am confident that by late June I'll have the endurance I need to get through the run.

The shoes definitely made a difference. My toes hurt a little at the very end of the run but were fine by the time I drove home from the park.

I've been trying to save money and pay down debt, like just about everyone else I know, but these three purchases -- shoes, headphones, jacket -- are things that will make my running more comfortable, so I feel like they were worth it. The shoes, especially, were a necessity.


  1. 12:19 PM

    Sometimes it's worth it to spend the money if it improves your quality of life. I'm glad you like your new headphones. You're doing a great job with the exercise! YAY!

  2. 12:36 PM

    I don't know how you can get off a bike and start running, so more power to you! I rode my bike one day and didn't run until the next day and it about killed me off. I do admire you multi-sport tri-folks. Glad you had a good run!!

  3. 1:47 PM

    My brother was a tri-athlete &, of course, loved it: there's no way in hell you can do it if you don't love it. You're a young woman so you don't have the injuries he ended up with but the great thing about the all-round conditioning of it is that you can be a part of a team in order to favor what's gone wrong but still compete.

    I think it's a great diversification -- congrats!

  4. 2:38 PM

    I get so frustrated when I have a great workout but then feel kind of crummy later in the day! Boo!

    I am happy all the new gear is working out for you! I agree that it's worth the money. Your health is ALWAYS worth the money!

  5. 4:40 PM

    daisyk, I'm sure your brother did much longer races than I plan to do. The sprint tris are relatively short and you can train for one without it taking over your whole life.

    I did 2 Olympic distance (1 mile swim, 25 miles bike, 6.2 mile run) and they were both painful. I either didn't train enough or that's just too much for me.


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