Sunday, October 28, 2007

one-minute update

I successfully defended my dissertation! I had to do a few rewrites and am waiting final approval before submitting to the graduate college, but it all looks good for a December graduation. I still like the new job and will be moving in December to a new home. Please send home-selling wishes our way -- that's the last sticking point. I think it will happen, though. I'm thinking positive.

Hope you are all well too!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

long-overdue post

I'm still alive and well here, just very busy! Shauna's comment reminded me how much things have changed -- back in July I was so immersed in blog culture that I went to a convention on blogging. Now I haven't read or posted in weeks! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to be as plugged in as I was this summer, but maybe I can find an in-between spot somewhere.

I have so many major life events happening right now, and I'm also commuting about 3 hours roundtrip a day. So between trying to sell my current house, buy a new one, prepare for my dissertation defense, and learning how to do my new job, there's plenty to keep me busy. And after looking at a computer all day at work, I'm not really that interested in logging in at home.

Weight Watchers has gone by the wayside, but I need that structure again. I am going to start counting points again, even if I can't make it to the meetings. It's too easy to go back to my old habits without my journal to remind me of my goals. And I'm going to try to check into the blogs at least once in a while to get that extra boost of motivation.

Thanks for checking in on me. Hopefully things will settle down a little soon.
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"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07