Saturday, February 06, 2016

I'm an ENELL Race Ambassador

I was thrilled when I was originally selected as an ENELL Ambassador, and I am even more pleased to announce that I will be representing the brand again as a Race Ambassador.

I have worn my ENELL Sport in every triathlon and running race I have done in the last two years.  Here are a few of the highlights:

The Sylvania Triathlon
I did this race for a second time, 12 years after my debut. It was a hot, very difficult race for me but I was proud to make it to the finish.

The Tri Goddess Tri
This race was a giant mud mess, and a little disorganized, but I had fun racing with my friends. 


Challenge Cedar Point Half Aquabike
A tough, story, cold day for my big race of the year, but I got through it with a smile on my face.  My Scuba Blue ENELL looked great under my purple tri kit. It never let me down, unlike the rear tire on my bike.

I'm looking forward to another great season. I have a couple of big challenges planned, like The Battle of Waterloo and the Olympic distance tri at Grand Rapids, which happens to be the Athena championships.

Be sure to support the other ENELL Ambassadors, including several new ones. And also check out the 20% off sale on the ENELL Lite, which is perfect for everyday wear or light-impact activities like yoga. 

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