Sunday, February 05, 2012

This could be dangerous: {intimacy} store within driving distance

Note: This is a completely unsolicited, uncompensated post. I just went to the store as a normal customer, and since I'm not really normal, decided to blog about my experience.

My first {intimacy} bra fitting was back in October of 2010. Since then, I have put on a few pounds and also have done some shopping in some "normal" stores. Even if the stores  have the sizes that I need, the salespeople eye me strangely and ask, "Who told you you wore a 32?"

I knew there was an {intimacy} store in the Somerset Collection, a chichi shopping center in Troy, Michigan.  Even though I live in Ohio, I am right on the border and the store is only about an hour and a half away.  I got a coupon in the mail a few days ago offering me a discount on a bra to come back. Yesterday I was home alone and had just finished crying my eyes out over  when the phone rang.  It was Katherine, an associate from {intimacy} asking me if she could send me anything. I impulsively decided to take the drive to the store. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and I was in a "seize the day" kind of mood.  I made an appointment for a fitting. I had just enough time to shower, put on nice clothes (including one of the bras I bought on my last {intimacy} trip) and find a parking space before I was due at the store.

The experience was very similar to the last time.  It was all very friendly and comfortable. Katherine chose bras for me to try based on my shape and seeing how my current bra fit, not on a tape measure.  She made me feel like I looked great in everything.  Some things didn't fit, but she just brought me a different size. Depending on the bra and even the fabric, I wore between a 32 and a 34 in a band and a F to an H in cup size. I bought four bras and three panties and had to forcibly resist buying some very cute things, like a blue-and-white plaid set.  Here is what I did buy:

Does buying the right bra really make a difference? I will let you be the judge. If I posted photos without the t-shirt, the difference would be more pronounced, but I'm not that kind of girl:

In a 36DD, the size most department store fitters want me to wear.

In a 32F from {intimacy} 
I feel like I can stand up straighter when I'm wearing the right bra.  My credit cards took a little bit of a beating, but with my previous purchases still holding up nicely (I always handwash using to protect my investment) I have a nice wardrobe, at least for under my clothes.  If only I could find a pair of jeans that made me feel this good....


  1. 1:52 PM

    Very cute! I really like the set on the lower left.

    Several years ago I wrote an article (adapted to my blog here: about how to get properly fitted for a bra. The place I went sounds a lot like's a shop called Zoe's in nearby Westerly, RI. What I love is that after they do a fitting, they then bring every single bra they have in your size to your dressing room. I went in thinking I was a 38DD and came out wearing a 34G. The bras I buy there not only fit better but they last SO much longer. And of course regular department stores never fit us correctly because they don't carry sizes like 34FF. So they force us into a size in their relatively small inventory of sizes.

  2. 4:37 PM

    I remember seeing that post and I just re-read it -- very informative.

    When I first got fitted, I took a smaller-chested friend, and they put her in a 32D. She couldn't believe it, but it fit perfectly. She said she went to VS to buy more bras (since they carry her size) and that the salesgirls laughed at her when she said she needed a D. So snotty salesgirls are a real deterrent to a lot of us finding our true sizes.

  3. 5:25 PM

    The right bra, and the right fit is priceless!


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