Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Workout Log, Week of July 25, plus mini race report

This week's workouts were tweaked because of the tri.  For those who are interested, a short race report follows the workout log page:

I had no idea going into the race how prepared I was -- I had done a little more swimming this year, but not a lot, and a lot more biking. I did a lot less running than in previous years. I set a goal of 1:30 (an hour and a half) for the race.

It has been very hot here, and race day was no exception.  The swim was in a quarry, but the water was very warm, at least 82 degrees. I would have preferred it to be colder so I could have started off cool.  I had a great swim, and then poked around a little bit in transition, fumbling my shoes and socks. I took off on the bike and felt pretty good there too, passing a lot of people.  Then, in transition, again I was poky. My legs were cramping a little.  I took the time to drink some watered-down Gatorade.  The run did not go well. I started off jogging but couldn't find my stride. Halfway through, I started to hurt.  My left hip was bothering me and my toes were throbbing. I tried taking walk breaks but they didn't seem to help.  I alternated between jogging and walking, knowing that I was taking longer than I wanted but not able to make myself go faster.  I did manage to muster enough energy to run once I could see the finish, just to get it over with.

Final results: (400 yard swim, 11 mile bike, 5K run)

Final time: 1:29:54 (beat my goal by 0:00:06!)
Place: 146 out of 263 finishers
64th in the swim, 9:24 (including a longish run to transition)
81st in the bike, 37:21 (17.7 mph average)
205th in the run, 39:31 (12:45 minutes/mile)

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